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Slovakia – a hidden treasure in the heart of Europe

discover wonders of Slovakia

Slovakia, a small country in the heart of Europe. Despite its small territory, it will surprise you by its size. You will find beautiful national parks, the world’s smallest mountains, ancient historical monuments and a rich cultural heritage in the folk folklore and traditions that have survived to this day.


Slovak nature is a magical and picturesque richness of beautiful scenery, curiosities and rarities. Over 40% of the country is covered in woodlands cover, making Slovakia one of the most forested country in the world.

There are 9 national parks, Vysoké Tatry mountains, known as the world smallest mountain range with crystal clear glacial lakes, the largest karst area in Central Europe and more than 6,200 caverns and gorges. Vysoké Tatry is the highest mountain range in the whole Carpathian arc of mountains stretching over seven other states.

Slovakia is also a country with the largest number of mineral and thermal springs (over 1600), making it one of the most important water reservoirs in the world.

Slovakia is a country made for lovers of untouched nature and hiking.


In Slovakia, thanks to its position, there are historical monuments with several thousand years of history. Slovakia is a world class in the number of castles and chateaux. With its mountainous character, the landscape is naturally predestined for stone castles standing on elevations. You can find more than 120 castles and chateaux, original wooden churches, folk architecture open-air museums, famous churches, monasteries, basilicas, and remnants of mining fortifications. Everything from the Celtic period to the present.


Slovak folklore is an important component of Slovak culture. It is one of its kind and even today can be experienced at one of the many folklore festivals that are held annually across the country.

In the present, Slovakia can be divided into 26 regions defined by folklore costumes with characteristic embroidery motifs and about 60 different costume variations. Of course, folklore it’s not represented by costumes only, but also by songs, dances, folk architecture and crafts.

Even today, you can find here traditional craftsmen like beekeepers, lace makers, tinkers, potters, carvers, and of course shepherds and vintners. Exceptional are also open-air reservations of original folk architecture, often located amidst beautiful nature.

As our ancestors lived in close contact with nature, customs and traditions of the Slovak people are mainly linked to the natural cycles, and of course the Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter or the feast of Saint John.


Slovakia´s dishes are as varied as the country itself. Slovak cuisine consists mostly of pork and venison, dairy products, flour, potatoes and vegetables. Our gastronomy best savored with wine, beer or milk drinks. The most renown products include cheese – bryndza (fresh sheep cheese) korbáčiky (braided salty cheese) and oštiepok (smoked sheep cheese roll). Slovakia is also known for its wine region spreading mainly over south and south-east Slovakia, and some world famous breweries. Slovak national food is halušky (bacon and sheep cheese gnocchi). Halušky are as important for Slovaks as is sushi for Japanese or pizza for Italians.

Slovakia is maybe little,
but certainly exceptional country,
that is worthwhile to discover.

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