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About us

why travel with BELKY

“I walked through the woods, and heard his voice singing. I watched with joy in my eyes at the beauty. The beauty that graced us, the wondrous world that beckons – Let’s go.”

Who is BELKY?

The joy of traveling, the joy of life!

We fulfill your dreams, and thus fulfill dreams of ours. We combine the joy of work, creativity and admiration for our breathtaking county to prepare unique travel options that will not only delight your eyes but also soothe your soul.

Why travel with BELKY?

Slovakia with BELKY

“Not only to see, but also to experience.”

Slovakia, often referred to as the Heart of Europe, boasts a unique landscape that offers a wealth of unique historical and cultural heritage, beautiful wildlife, folk art and ever-living folklore with its traditions.

We offer active traveling opportunities in the form of sightseeing tours and excursions, where, in addition to a classic visit to cultural monuments or natural treasures, you have the opportunity to try different activities, traditional crafts and experience the real atmosphere of Slovakia so that after returning home you can say “I really experienced and lived through something I will fondly remember.”

Throughout all the sightseeing tours and excursions, you will be accompanied by professional guides with experience and, above all, with passion for their work and for their country.

Why choose BELKY Package Holiday?

“All in One”

The wide range of holiday packages in Slovakia is tailor-made and the packages contain not only accommodation, meals but also interesting activities and several entrances to the most interesting places in the country.

What will be appreciated by every client who comes to an unknown country is a delegate of CK BELKY, who will be glad to welcome you to the accommodation, acquaint you with the surroundings and will be ready all the time to advise and assist you.

Do you have a secret wish?

“We are here for you.”

We can customize all of our products to suit your wishes. Length of stay, excursion, as well as field trips. Do you have individual requirements? BELKY team will do its best to make your holiday perfect.

World with BELKY

“Not only see, but also to experience.”

Priorities for traveling abroad are less known places for us, countries that are not in the front pages of travel catalogues, or countries to which people in our team have an emotional connection to and prepare products in that country on the basis of their own experience, with love and joy. We are supporters of active travel, where you can experience authentic activities related to the country in addition to the classic sightseeing tours and various excursions. Because what is unique in each country makes it an unrepeatable experience. Our goal is to get excited from the exploratory journey with enthusiasm and lots of new experiences.

Why choose BELKY Holiday Package?

“All in One”

Holiday package, ski resorts, recreation or tourism abroad with BELKY is designed so that the client nothing was missing. The package includes always comfortable accommodation, meals, lots of activities and detailed information materials of holiday and the surrounding area. What will appreciate every client who comes to know the place is a delegate BELKY, who will welcome you, inform you with accommodation, environment, and throughout the holidays will be ready to provide advice and assistance.

Do you have a secret wish?

“We are here for you.”

We can customize all of our products to suit your wishes. Do you have individual requirements? BELKY team will do its best to make your holiday perfect. In the case of a visa requirements abroad, BELKY will provide you with all the necessary requisites to increase your comfort.

BELKY logo

Our logo reflects our philosophy, our attitude
and the reflection of Slovakia in whole.

The travel agency is unique in its character and philosophy based on folklore, traditions and folk culture. Slovakia is unique for its folklore, which is still strongly present in the country, and BELKY draws its energy, ideas and creativity from it.

Logo and our design is inspired by the particularity of a traditional folklore costume from the village of Veľký Lom.

To stir your interest, we would like to present to you our inspiration, costume with a great collectors’ value and its parts:

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